My Study Abroad Experience In Photos

Photography has always been an extremely valuable medium to me. Photos allow you to remember experiences exactly how they happen, but only the best parts. That's how I would like to look back on my past - remembering the best parts and forgetting the negative. While there were definitely pros and cons and ups and downs to my study abroad experience, these photos mean the world to me because they remind me how truly lucky I was to witness the beauty that lies in other parts of the world for such an extended period of time. These photos allow me to vividly relive the "pinch me" feelings I got every time I saw a breathtaking monument, natural landscape or sunset. 

Today is December 31st and watching everyone post recaps of their best experiences of 2017 inspired me to make this post. I can't thank God enough for this 4-month-long experience because it taught me so much and gave me some pretty incredible memories and stories.

If you are interested in reading more about my study abroad travels, below are links to some of my travel posts! 

Rome, Italy

Province of Tuscany, Italy

Interlaken & Zurich, Switzerland

Paris, France

Mykonos, Greece

Amalfi Coast, Italy

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