Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dorm Decorating 101

Dorm decoration is easily the topic I get asked about most. I think personalizing your dorm and making it a space that you feel comfortable and happy in is crucial. Your dorm is essentially the closest thing you have to a home when you are away at college so you want to make it as warm and cozy as possible.

Getting started and choosing the direction you want to go with your decoration is the hardest part. Personally, there are three different methods that make sense to me for choosing a direction and I'm going to use these different methods to structure this post.

1. Simple bedding with colorful accessories: Starting out with basic, white bedding makes playing with fun, colorful and printed decorations easy! In terms of accessories, have fun with throw pillows, throw blankets and rugs. This design concept works really well with a gallery wall too. Below, I've linked products that I think are perfect for this type of room.

2. Color Scheme: When I was buying decor for my dorm last year, this is the method I used. You can really do any colors you want, but I chose one neutral color (navy) and one bright color (coral). I incorporated a lot of gold in there as well. You can start with bedding that incorporates one of the colors, both/all of the colors or one of the colors plus white. You can choose one of these options for sheets, throw pillows and other accent pieces too. For my dorm, I did a white bedspread with navy embroidery, white sheets with a coral print, then a white and navy throw pillow, a white throw pillow and a gold throw pillow. A lot of my wall decor and desk accessories were gold. I also added some pink flowers (I couldn't find coral ones) in a vase on my dresser. Below, I linked the bedspread I used last year (which comes with a lot of different options for the embroidery color as well as some white and gold accessories because they can go with any color scheme. 

3. Decorate around one piece: If there is one specific type of bedding or a piece of decor that you know you 100% want in your room, get whatever it is and base all your other decorating decisions around matching with that one item. The easiest thing to do this with is bedding. If you want a cool printed comforter/duvet cover, tie the colors in it into pieces of decor in your room like a throw rug, wall decorations, a lamp, etc.! Below, I've linked some really cute printed bedding options!

I thought I would also share some photos of how I decorated my dorm last year. I really wish I had taken more photos of it but here are a few that I have to show you. 

I also have some tips for helping you save money decorating your dorm!

- Check out the home section of TJ Maxx and Marshalls when looking for decorations. I can't say I've seen the best bedding there but I've definitely seen cute throw pillows, desk supplies/decorations and wall art there for a very reasonable price! The picture frame/print and the mirror in the photo above are both from TJ Maxx. 

- DIY things! You can honestly find a million cheap and easy DIY room decorations on the internet that can save you a ton of money. I was inspired to make the hanging photo collage in my dorm room when I saw cute little gold sparkle clothes hangers in TJ Maxx for $3. 

- Go on Pinterest for all kinds of inspiration. It really helps to get the creative juices flowing in your mind for dorm decorating ideas and you can also find the link to really cute products through it! Pinterest is also a great way to find cute DIYs for your dorm.

- Go on Etsy to find affordable decorations. This is the best place to find cheap wall prints, flower vases, desk decorations, etc. It is much more affordable than going to big, brand name stores to find the same stuff. 


  1. I went with the navy/coral theme for my dorm last year too, love it!

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