Res Ipsa Crossbody

Bag: c/o Res Ipsa | Top: Zara | Jacket: Club Monaco | Jeans: Nordstrom | Booties: Aldo (similar) | Watch: Daniel Wellington (Use the code CLASSYKATEDW to get 15% off your purchase at | Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick

I recently came into contact with a company called Res Ipsa and ever since then, it's safe to say that it has become one of my favorite accessories companies. They gifted me one of their Kilim handbags and I am beyond obsessed with it. I'm glad that I received this bag during the fall, too, because it goes perfectly with many of my often times earthy-toned fall outfits. Besides the fact that this bag is aesthetically beautiful, my favorite aspect is that is uniquely hand-made from vintage Turkish Kilim rugs. This means that each bag is one of a kind and assures that the quality is well above that of a mass produced handbag. Head over to Res Ipsa's website to see more patterns of these handbags as well as men's and women's loafers that are also made from beautiful, vintage turkish rugs!


Dress: Forever 21 | Jacket: Jcrew | Scarf: Light In The Box | Boots: Hunter | Watch: Daniel Wellington (Use the code CLASSYKATEDW to get 15% off your purchase at

I have to say, one of my least favorite things about living in New York City is the fact that there aren't trees around bursting with color during the fall. There are a few small ones scattered about, lining streets, but they usually don't show any color. This past Sunday, I had the privilege of visiting my friend Reed in Connecticut with the core purpose of soaking up all the beautiful fall scenery. Connecticut is the heart and soul of the fall season so the landscape was truly breathtaking. Every street we went down was exploding with red, orange and yellow. Since I took so many amazing photos throughout the day, I decided to split them up into different blog posts for y'all so you aren't overwhelmed. The first place we stopped was Fairfield, CT, which is characterized by sprawling mansions hiding far back from the streets. Despite all of the wealth and opulence, Fairfield had a cute and quaint feel to it too. There were white picket fences, little churches and cute shops everywhere. 

I'm really obsessed with the outfit I wore for Fairfield, but I think my brand new Daniel Wellington watch from their classic black collection is the highlight here. DW has always been my favorite brand of watches because of how classic and versatile they are, but this classic black watch spices things up. It is still sleek and versatile but also sleek and edgy.

How I Organize My Planner

I am one of those people who will forget everything if it isn't written down. Therefore, not having a planner isn't an option for me. It also doesn't hurt that keeping a planner helps me feel like I have some semblance of sanity and order in my life (even though that's just an illusion). The past two years, I had a Lilly Pulitzer planner. I loved my Lilly planner but I thought it was time to move on to a planner that looked more mature, aesthetically. On one of my regular Target visits this Summer, I came across this beauty of a planner (that was less that $15 for the record!!!) and fell in love. It took a while, but I finally figured out a system of organization for this planner and that is what I'll be sharing with y'all today!

To put it simply, I split everything that happens in my life up into two colors: gold and silver. 
Gold = Events and assignments due (aka things that have a time period attached to them)
Silver = Various tasks that I would like to accomplish or work on at some point that day

As you can see in the photos, my planner is broken up day by day by: Today's top 3, an hour by hour schedule from 6AM to 7PM and then a "Tonight" to-do section. In the Top 3 section, I write the 3 most important items on my to-do list for that day, never events. It usually ends up being mostly  school assignments I need to work on that go in this section. In the hour by hour section, I will write in events I have in the slot for whatever time the event start. In terms of school assignments, tests and projects due, I will write in whatever is due in the time slot that the class it is for begins. In the "Tonight" section, I will put less important school assignments I need to work on and random chores like laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

For those of you who have Lilly Pulitzer agendas, here is how I used to organize it when I had one: I would start by drawing a line down the middle of the text box for each day. On the left side of the line, I would write down events I had that day (and what time they started/ended), "work" if I was scheduled to work that day (and what time my shift was) and school assignments that were due on that day. The right side of the line would be my to-do list for that day. The only thing I miss about my Lilly planner was that there was more room for writing. I feel a little bit cramped when write in my new planner!

For those of you who haven't found a cute planner yet and want to get one, here are some of my favorite options!

Day Designer

Erin Condren (personalized!)


Kate Spade

Lilly Pulitzer

I hope this post helped give direction to some of y'all wanting to better organize your planners or at least gave you some inspiration! 

Log Cabin Chic

Cardigan: c/o Pineapple Lace | Turtleneck: Zara | Jeans: Articles of Society | Booties: Madewell | Watch: Daniel Wellington
I recently received this perfect fall cardigan from an online boutique called Pineapple Lace and I could not be more obsessed! I think it's just perfect for curling up with a blanket, a cup of coffee and a good book. At the same time, you can style it and make it super cute for wearing out of the house. Here, I paired it with a maroon turtleneck (because what color is better for fall than maroon, right?), white jeans and chestnut brown booties. I also like this cardigans because its a good way to layer with your summer tanks and allows you to continue to wear them into the colder seasons. Unfortunately this cardigan is no longer available on Pineapple Lace's website, but I've linked some other adorable items from their website below!

Mixing Trendy & Preppy For Fall

It's pretty obvious that my style has changed a bit since I moved to New York. While I still covet a classic and timeless style, being in the epicenter of change and progression of fashion has influenced me and caused trends to be in the forefront of my mind. Going to a school where street style dominates, I have been inspired to add a dash of edge into my wardrobe too. 
Although the preppy and trendy styles are quite different and based in completely different ideals, it is definitely not impossible to successfully unite them into one cohesive look. I've wanted to speak about this matter for quite some time, I just haven't been able to find the words or a direction for them. With a new season upon us (quite possibly the best season), I am inspired to transform my thoughts into actions by making this post about how to mix these two styles together for fall specifically. 
Here is a list of essential items for fall that can be worn with preppy outfits, trendy outfits or outfits that are a mixture of both. I also thought it would be helpful to give some direction to how to style these pieces. Hopefully this post helps some of you that are in the same boat as I am!

Open front, oversized cardigan (loose tank + skinny jeans + lace up flats)

Military jacket (chambray shirt + maroon pants + bean boots)

Fur vest (button down + distressed jeans + ankle booties)

Tight turtleneck (open front, oversized cardigan + raw hem jeans + ballet flats)

Plaid shirt (layered under a crewneck sweater + suede skirt + riding boots)

Paisley top (A-line skirt + booties)

Modestly distressed/ripped jeans (pinstripe shirt + cardigan + loafers)

Chambray shirt (puffer vest + distressed jeans + brown leather booties)

Suede skirt (button down + varsity/striped cardigan + leather booties)

Wool skirt (cable knit sweater + over the knee boots)

Leather skirt (plaid shirt + statement necklace + pointed flats)

Slide on flats (blazer + button down + cropped jeans)

Black, chunky heel ankle booties (honestly anything)