A Hot Second

Spring in NYC came for, quite literally, a hot second. The temps shot up from 45 to 75 degrees overnight and then went back down to 30 the next day. I used the time sparingly to take some photos in this breezy outfit and enjoy the warmth with friends.

I've been on the hunt for work appropriate, summer clothes and these pants are absolutely perfect! It's hard to find conservative summer clothes that you can actually survive the hot weather in, but these are amazing because they are so lightweight. I paired it with this cropped wrap top that would also be perfect with work (of course, only with high waisted pants). 

Top: Madewell | Pants: Leith | Shoes: Hinge (similar) | Necklace: That's So Fletch | Watch: Kate Spade

Faking Vacation

Spring break was bittersweet. I was looking forward to coming home to escape the depressing cold and cloudy weather of NYC, but was met with the same weather once I reached my destination. Fortunately, it warmed up half way through the week and the weather provided the perfect opportunity to meet up with Alex and snap some photos! I was delighted to find this vintage Palm Springs-esque building in Atlanta to take photos in front of. Watching everyone else take fun, beach vacations with their friends was giving me some serious FOMO so I was happy that the tropical print on my top mixed with the out-of-place background made my photos at least portray a fun, tropical location. 

Top: Lost + Wander | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Hinge (similar) | Bag: Madewell (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Shopbop (similar)

Southern Spring

While I was getting serious FOMO from watching everyone jet off to tropical locations with friends for spring break, I was still happy to have the chance to go home to Atlanta and relax for the week. I spent last spring traveling to incredible European locations for four months straight so I figured it was ok to lay low this spring break and save some $$$. Honestly, anywhere away from the freezing cold north is good enough for me. Unfortunately, the first half of my break in Atlanta was pretty cold and dreary. Halfway through, though, the clouds started to break and the temperatures shot way up! I spent one of the nicer days traveling down to Macon, GA to visit one of my good friends, Ashley. Although Macon is pretty desolate (smack dab in the middle of Georgia with no cities or water nearby), their crowning glory is the abundance of cherry blossom trees that grow beautifully in the spring. They create a tent over the downtown park areas, which made the perfect spot for photos. 

I was happy the weather warmed up to above 70 degrees on this day because it allowed me to wear this adorable wrap dress with the most beautiful, detailed embroidery. I paired it with my spring staples, a straw bag and straw hat. I topped off the look with this wonderful pair of platform espadrilles I picked up from the Brooks Brothers sample sale the other week! They were 80% off, from $250 to $50 – what a score! 

Dress: J.O.A | Shoes: Brooks Brothers (similar) | Hat: Lack of Colour | Tote: Old Navy (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban