Feelin' Purple

Coat: Club Monaco (on sale!) | Sweater: Madewell (similar) | Skirt: Free People (similar skirt from same brand with different material) | Booties: Madewell (similar from same brand) Bag: Milly

I'm getting terribly tired of and frustrated with how fast fashion negatively impacts blogging. What is it with how fast things sell out nowadays? It seems that brands are increasingly making less and less of a style. That, of course, is the direction that fashion is headed in in general (increasing assortment while reducing the quantity produced of each style), but it makes being a fashion blogger very hard. As I was going to link the outfit in the post, I realized that only two of the five items was linkable and one of those items was sold out in half the sizes. The sad part is this happens to me regularly! I really want to help my readers/followers to find pieces of clothing that are still available purchase, but seems that you have to be made of money and have the ability to buy new clothes every day in order to deliver constant shoppable content on a fashion blog. As a full-time college student without a salaried job, I just completely lack the resources to give this type of content to followers/readers. What do you guys think about this situation? Do you care if a fashion blogger's content is shoppable? Do any fellow bloggers feel the same way? Leave a comment or message me on Tumblr/Instagram!


  1. I like when a blogger's content is shoppable, but as a blogger I completely understand what you're saying! I always love when bloggers link similar items if their pieecs are unavailable.
    xx, Lauren | misslaurenalston.com

    1. Good to know! I always wonder if people find my clothing being shoppable useful/if they even click my links so thanks for your feedback!

  2. Totally get it! I think it’s really hard to keep up with what is selling out. As a grad student, I totally understand. Your content it excellent, just keep doing what you’re doing! :)

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