My New Favorite Pants

Top: Free People | Pants: Topshop | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Milly

I recently bought these Topshop pants on sale for $31 and they have turned out to be the best purchase I've made in a while! It's amazing how some of the most affordable pieces can end up being the best and most worn. All I'm saying is get ready to see them a lot more in the future ;) They go with just about everything and add such a unique and luxurious touch to any outfit you throw on. I've been trying to move away from jeans lately. As I've had more and more internship interviews and situations that put me in a fancier and professional environment, I've realized it's important to have a lineup of cute pants that aren't jeans but also aren't boring, basic office slacks. Leave your favorite place to buy work pants in the comments – I'm always looking for more!

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  1. Most guys wouldnt focus on the clothes that are being discussed. Still the pictures are really nice and the ensuing text also amolt satisfies the reader. Good work.