Southern Spring

While I was getting serious FOMO from watching everyone jet off to tropical locations with friends for spring break, I was still happy to have the chance to go home to Atlanta and relax for the week. I spent last spring traveling to incredible European locations for four months straight so I figured it was ok to lay low this spring break and save some $$$. Honestly, anywhere away from the freezing cold north is good enough for me. Unfortunately, the first half of my break in Atlanta was pretty cold and dreary. Halfway through, though, the clouds started to break and the temperatures shot way up! I spent one of the nicer days traveling down to Macon, GA to visit one of my good friends, Ashley. Although Macon is pretty desolate (smack dab in the middle of Georgia with no cities or water nearby), their crowning glory is the abundance of cherry blossom trees that grow beautifully in the spring. They create a tent over the downtown park areas, which made the perfect spot for photos. 

I was happy the weather warmed up to above 70 degrees on this day because it allowed me to wear this adorable wrap dress with the most beautiful, detailed embroidery. I paired it with my spring staples, a straw bag and straw hat. I topped off the look with this wonderful pair of platform espadrilles I picked up from the Brooks Brothers sample sale the other week! They were 80% off, from $250 to $50 – what a score! 

Dress: J.O.A | Shoes: Brooks Brothers (similar) | Hat: Lack of Colour | Tote: Old Navy (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Hair Curling Tutorial With Pantene

My hair has always been a stress point for me. I’ve gone through countless products and many methods of styling over the years to try and find a routine that works best. I’m happiest with my hair when it’s curled, but even then, I feel like my curls fall out so quickly because my hair is so long and heavy!

For the past few months, I’ve been incorporating Pantene’s new Foam Conditioner into the shower portion of my hair care routine and it has made a huge difference in making my curls hold up! This conditioner is very different in the sense that you are meant to apply it root to tip. Because the formulation is so light and airy, you can apply it to your roots without it making them greasy + it doesn’t weigh my hair down like the heavy formulation of the average conditioner.

I start out in the shower by using the accompanying Pantene shampoo (my favorite set is the “Daily Moisture Renewal” set). I put a palm size dollop of Pantene’s Foam Conditioner in my palm then apply it root to tip before rinsing out. 

To curl my hair, I wrap medium size pieces around a curling wand and hold for about 8 seconds before releasing the curl. It is important to note that I curl all pieces away from my face on each side as shown in the photo! Another tip is to not start the curl too close to your head. Starting the curl at least 6 inches down from your roots will create a more natural look. When I’m finished curling, I actually go back in with a straightener and straighten the bottom 2 or 3 inches as I think that also contributes to creating a more natural look.

Although the Pantene Foam Conditioner really helps my curls to not fall out, I usually finish off with a bit of Pantene’s alcohol-free Airspray for good measure.

Overall, these Pantene products have helped my curls hold up longer and make my hair feel more lightweight all around. This, in turn, helps me feel more confident and like the sky is the limit!

This post was sponsored by Pantene, however, all opinions stated are my own.

Spring Wishlist

I would say I do most of my shopping at the beginning of each season (unfortunately when everything is full price). After wearing the same thing for months, I'm always itching for a change of color palette, materials and silhouettes. This dreadfully long winter in NYC (I'm writing this during a snowstorm on the second day of spring) has me particularly ecstatic for the warm weather of spring and summer to come. I tend to gravitate towards pastels, blues and lots and lots of white during spring and summer, which is pretty obvious from the items featured in this post. Everything here is under $100 (besides the sandals) + I've included a list of bonus, under $100 items below!

Red Hot

I typically don't shoot outfits for my blog in "grungy" spots like this (notice all the old stickers/graffiti on the building), but I felt like this outfit was so girly and feminine that it balanced it out well! Plus the red on red? Love. 

Top: Na-kd (use code 'kateblog20' at checkout to get 20% off your order!) | Skirt: Nasty Anal | Tights: Nordstrom | Shoes: Forever 21 (similar)

Streets of Soho

One trend I'm definitely on board with is the "teddy" jacket/coat. I love how this style mixes cozy fleece material with a stylish silhouette and design elements. While I love styling this teddy jacket I picked up from Nasty Gal with casual pieces like this basic striped top and sneakers, I think it would look great dressed up with a feminine blouse and booties or pointed toe flats/mules. On another note, how adorable is this pup we ran into while shooting in Soho?! He is a Rottweiler/Lab mix and his owner was kind enough to let us do an quick, impromptu photo session with him.

Jacket: Nasty Gal | Shirt: Banana Republic | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Adidas