NYC Apartment Tour

This post is SO long overdue since it's been almost an entire year since I've moved into my apartment! To be fair, it did take almost half a year to get everything looking satisfactory, though. 
What ultimately pushed me to make this blog post is the quickly approaching expiration date on it's relevance – I will be moving in a couple of weeks! If you want to read more about that and find out where I am moving, I'll be talking about that in the ending paragraph of this post. 

I'll tell you a little more about my current place. Our neighborhood is called Lincoln Square because it's super close to Lincoln Center. What I really like about it is that it's on the cusp of Midtown and the Upper West Side, so you get the commercialism/shopping of Midtown, but also the quaint, cheery and village feel of the Upper West Side – best of both worlds! By far, though, the best part of living up here is that I live a block away from Central Park. The big grassy area in the park called Sheep's Meadow is a 5 minute walk away from me and it is truly one of the most heavenly places in the city (see photo below)! Definitely the part I will miss most about living here. 

Pros? True two bedroom (if you've lived in the city you know what a 'flex bedroom' is and know that it is all too common and not the most ideal situation), super safe, convenient to subways, amazing neighborhood and close to Central Park and it's fairly updated/has sleek appliances. 

Cons? On the 5th floor of a walk up building, no laundry in unit OR in building (so we have to use a laundromat), poor lighting in most rooms because we are right up against another building and no common area storage. Although we are conveniently located to most areas, it is a pain in the butt to get to the East Village and Lower East Side, which is where everyone my age hangs out. I often find myself spending way too much on Ubers to and from that area. 

Anyway, onto the good stuff – the photos. Unfortunately, all of our stuff is fairly old, but I'll provide links for anything still available. By the way, you'll probably see a small inconsistency in the photos – the rug is not the same in all of them. I took some of these shots a few months back before replacing the rug.

Living Room – Gold Tray: West Elm | Mirror: Target | Tufted Pillows: West Elm

Bedroom – Rug: West Elm | Dresser: Wayfair (replaced the handles with sleeker ones from Etsy) | Lamp: Wayfair | Laundry basket: H&M | Duvet: Urban Outfitters (very similar

My roommate and I love this apartment and we love each other, but unfortunately she has to move out and so I decided to as well. As much as I love the apartment, it is not worth what we would be paying for it with the renewed lease and the only reason I'd stay is for my roommate. All of that aside, I'm happy to say I will be moving back downtown! To Stuyvesant Town, specifically, which boarders the East Village. This will be an exciting change because I've always been a West side gal. I do love the vibe of my current neighborhood, but I'm excited to be in a younger and more hip area close to tons of restaurants and stores! 


  1. Your apartment is so cute and cozy! Love how you decorated it.

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