NYC Apartment Living Room Decor Mood Board

One thing I've been day dreaming about during quarantine is redecorating the living room of my NYC apartment. I've thought about it so much and browsed so many websites to create my dream space that I'll be sharing the exact pieces with links that I plan (want) to purchase. 

This plan originated from the fact that my roommates and I decided to renew our lease (ending in June) for another year. I was the last to move into this already furnished apartment and most of the decor and furniture were leftover old pieces from my roommates' parents' houses. For me, my home is a sacred space, and having that space be cozy and cute makes me infinitely more happy when spending time in it. 

So when's this going to happen? Well I've pushed back my flight to NYC about 4 times now, but I think this most recent booking for June 26 will stick. After getting back, I'd like to wait a bit longer before making any purchases as I want to make sure my income stream is safe considering all the uncertainty in everything right now. One certain thing that has come from COVID though is that I'll be spending a lot more time at home. Isn't that even more of a reason to invest in making home cuter? ;)

In the widget at the bottom, I've linked all the items pictured in this mood board + a few more I'm considering. There are 3 rugs pictured in the mood board because I'm super torn on which to get (opinions welcome!) What I love most about this decor plan is that everything is super reasonably priced while still appearing very upscale! 

Note: the website that sells the Japanese print above the couch isn't supported through my widget creator so I'm linking it HERE.