Perfect Summer day in NYC with Pantene

I believe there are more things to do in NYC than any other place in the world. The city is bustling with culture, history, fashion and food and over the last few years of living here and experiencing it all, I've compiled what my perfect day in the city would look like. 

While I will be working full-time this summer, I have big plans to get out on the weekend and explore and adventure to the fullest. NYC is so alive with activities during the summer, but the downside is the extreme temperatures that come with the season. The heat and humidity wreak havoc on my hair and by the end of a long day out, it's typically flat and lifeless. Something that has helped to combat the dreaded heat is Pantene's new in-shower foam conditioner. The secret is that you can apply the product root to tip to ensure every inch of your hair is nourished and left feeling voluminous and soft! I start the day out by using shampoo and then Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal in-shower Foam Conditioner as my daily shower routine. After doing my makeup, styling my hair once dry and picking out a great outfit, I'm ready for a long day in the heat. 

I typically like to start out a day by going to one of my favorite brunch spots. The one pictured here is La Pecora Bianca but my other top picks include Root & Bone, Bluestone Lane, Rosemary's and Seamore's. While many people opt for a boozy brunch with bottomless mimosas, I tend to just drink coffee as alcoholic drinks make me feel exhausted and make it hard to carry on with a busy day.

The day is not complete without a little shopping (window shopping included). I love to pop in and out of my favorite stores to look at new arrivals as well as find brand new stores! It's so easy to do this in NYC because almost all brands that have a presence in the United States have a store location here. My favorite areas to shop are 5th Ave (near Flatiron), SoHo and the Upper West Side (a newly discovered treasure trove of stores). 

A perfect day would include a visit to at least one cultural experiences. This could be a museum or some sort of pop-up experience. The Met is always one of my favorites because there are always new exhibits and the museum is so big, you could spend the entire day wandering around. There's always something new to see!

A couple of other things not pictured here would be visiting a rooftop bar or watching the sunset while walking along the water. What would your perfect day in NYC consist of? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love your top! Your style is so classy, it goes perfectly with your url!

    Ashley | The Honey Scoop

  2. aww best compliment - thank you!! <3