Life Update

The last couple months have been an absolute whirlwind. SO much has changed in the past few months that I kind of feel like I'm living a whole new life in a way. I'm excited to share with y'all the details of what I mean by that in this post!

Moving/new apartment - The craziest and most stressful part about the last few months has been the moving process. After a year of living in the Financial District, I decided that I really wanted my own room and that constituted a move. While I LOVE FiDi, you don't get a lot of bang for your buck down there so my new roommate, Alianne, and I focused our search on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Hell's Kitchen. Thankfully, we only had to look at about 5 apartments before finding the one we really loved and signing the lease. The winner was a 2 bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side only a block away from Central Park!

Of course, after signing the lease, the next step was packing everything up. This part wasn't AS stressful for me as it would be for others because I don't really own much furniture. I was really stressed out about moving day and didn't sleep well for the week leading up to it because I was so nervous. I can't exactly explain why but I am definitely the type of person to get irrational anxiety about situations like that. Moving day went 100 times smoother and was much less stressful than I expected because I had an amazing moving company, Roadway, to do the job for me. To say my team of Roadway movers were kind, efficient and courteous would be an understatement. They truly took all the stress out of the day and made the process of moving so easy and seamless. Moving in NYC is debatably way more stressful and difficult than moving anywhere else, so I highly recommend hiring a trustworthy and outstanding company. If you guys have a move coming up, you should definitely use my code 'kate' to get 10% off of Roadway's moving services!

Settling into the new apartment was way more stressful than I expected it to be. It has taken so long to unpack and my bank account is bleeding because of how much new stuff I've had to buy for it. I upgraded from a twin to a full-size bed during this move and the new bed, alone, cost upwards of $700 because of how many components go into it (frame, boxspring, mattress, mattress pad, mattress cover, bed skirt, sheets, duvet insert, duvet cover, new pillows). Complaining aside, I am SO happy with the way that my decor is turning out and can't wait to share the decoration process hopefully soon! The bulk of settling in is done and I'm finally in a much more peaceful state of mind, which is great.

Another exciting aspect of this move is my 3rd new roommate – Alianne's dog named Winnie! She's a mini Yorkie and probably the smallest dog I've ever seen in my life. I'll definitely be sure to share more photos of her soon. I've wanted to live with a dog for so long and I'm so happy it's finally happening! Dogs bring so much added warmth and happiness to a home.

Memorial Day Weekend trip to the Hamptons - If you follow me on social media, you probably saw that I went to the Hamptons a few weekends ago! A bunch of my blogger friends and I rented an airbnb house in East Hampton and went out there Friday through Monday. While it was a pricey trip (everything is so expensive out there, especially during a holiday), it was so much fun and a much needed, relaxing break from my moving process.

New Summer Internship - I'm so happy to say that I am interning full-time this summer at Brooks Brothers' corporate office! I am on the social media team there and at the time of writing this, I just finished up my first week. Everything is going great so far and I'm already learning a lot. Bonus: I LOVE my co-workers, they're so fun and have been such a joy to work with. This is my first time working a Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM type of job. It's going well so far and hopefully it will stay that way. I want to speak more on the subject of getting an internship, interning in the fashion industry and my personal experience with interning. Once I have more insight under my belt from this internship, I want to write some blog posts about this topic at the end of the summer. If you are interested in this, please send in your questions by leaving a comment or contacting me through social media!


  1. Congrats on your internship!! You need to do a post on how you edit your Instagram pictures!
    Kate || Kate Koutures

    1. Thanks, Kate! So funny you ask because I already made a post where I talked about my photo editing:

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