Dorm Decor by Color

Back to school season is (unfortunately) almost here! One positive side to this, though, is getting to decorate a new space. This is especially exciting for all you incoming college freshmen who are about to move into/decorate their first dorm. I'm huge on home decor and y'all seem to be too (based on the fact that my interior decoration posts are always my most popular). Therefore, I decided to do a fun twist on my dorm decor advice post of the year and split products up by color. I think it is easiest to decorate when you have a color scheme to stick to. The colors I've split products up by, here, are all my favorite colors for interior decor and they general all mix and match very well! Personally, my color scheme since freshman year has been navy, coral, white and gold. I think it's a very classic color scheme! This post shows you how I decorated my dorm with these colors and this post shows you how I decorated my current apartment with them. I hope y'all find this post helpful –let me know if you bought anything from it!









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