Decorating my First Apartment Ft. Amazon Prime

For the past two years since I moved to NYC for college, I've been aching to have a comfortable space that truly feels like home. Home in Atlanta didn't really feel like home anymore, the dingy dorms I lived in for three semesters were impossible to make feel homey and my study abroad apartment in Italy last semester definitely didn't feel like home (obviously). I've been wanting a permanent space to make entirely my own. When I moved into my first real apartment in NYC on June 1st, I got straight to work on decorating my bedroom. This week, I finally finished decorating my bed and the walls around it. I'm very happy with the way it turned out and the progress I've made, but I still have a lot of work to do. I didn't share photos of my bookshelves and closet in this post because they are still a disaster! My Amazon Prime Student membership has made this process of settling in so much easier because of the free two-day shipping perk it includes. After seeing something I want/need and buying it, I only have to wait two days to receive it in the mail and add it to my bedroom. I've been using Amazon Prime for about two years now through my mom's membership and used it to order everything from makeup to suitcases. Recently, though, I got my own account because Amazon Prime offers a six-month trial membership for college students (any type - grad, 4-year or community college) at no cost to you! In the short time I've had my membership, I've ordered frames and succulent planters to make a gallery wall (from the extensive home department), storage bins for my bathroom and packaged food (I never have time to go to the grocery store!) from Amazon. Here is a list highlighting the great features of Amazon Prime Student:

- Unlimited FREE two-day shipping on over 50 million items 

- Prime movies and TV shows

- FREE same day delivery (in select cities)

- FREE one-day shipping (in select cities)

- FREE two-hour shipping (in select cities)

- Prime Reading (unlimited reading on over a thousand books, magazines, and more)

I highly encourage all my readers who are in college to use Amazon Prime. In the crazy busy life of a college student, it is so much easier to have things delivered straight to your doorstep in such a short amount of time rather than spend hours shopping. Check out this link to get your six-month trial
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Amazon Prime and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.