Rent The Runway Obsession

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably heard me talk a LOT about Rent The Runway's rental subscription services. While they are giving me a complimentary subscription in exchange for some Instagram promotion, I wanted to talk about it on here because I genuinely LOVE it and think it is a great idea. I love designer pieces but definitely cannot afford to add many to my wardrobe, which is why I love RTR's subscription program since you can pay an affordable price to rent new pieces monthly. They have an 'Unlimited' version, where you can rent an unlimited amount of pieces (4 at a time) per month and 'Update', which gives you 4 pieces for the whole month for a lower price. I think one of the best, yet least known benefits of RTR's subscription program is that you can buy the pieces you rent if you love them for a ridiculously amazing discount. Sometimes the discount is up to 70% off! For instance, I rented a $278 retail Joie sweater this month and could purchase it from RTR for only $83. 
In the photos below, I'm wearing one of my RTR pieces for the month - a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff dress. I have been kind of scared of midi dresses in the past, but I used RTR to test them out since I don't have to keep it. I fell in love with this one! I'm on the fence about purchasing it from RTR for a 44% discount... I'll let y'all know if I decide to keep or not! 

I also have an amazing discount to offer you - get 40% off your first month of RTR's Unlimited subscription with the code KATECAMPUSINFL40

Sadly, I cannot find the dress anywhere outside of Rent the Runway, however here is a similar, adorable dress from Rebecca Minkoff that features the same print! Other outfit details are listed below. 

Jacket: BlankNYC | Booties: J.Crew

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