Why I've Been MIA

This is my first post on the blog since September. There are no good excuses, but I guess my heart just isn't in it at the moment. It is true that I have been spread extremely thin over this semester. Between school, having a 3-day-per-week internship that comes with the responsibilities of a full-time career and focusing a lot on my personal life (relationships/self care), I just haven't had a lot of time to focus on blogging. I have been posting somewhat often on my Instagram because photography and styling outfits is something that comes super easy to me and I've been able to work blog shoots into my busy schedule every now and then. You may have noticed, though, that I haven't been posting nearly as much on my Instagram stories. In my experience, blog content and Instagram stories involve more meaningful content and that type of content involves a lot of heart and passion. These are just two things I just don't have for blogging at the moment. 

Here's what I'm hoping - Once I graduate in December and only have a job to focus on, rather than both school and work, I will be able to put more attention and energy outside of my 9-5 schedule on my blog. Right now, I have the 9-5 schedule and then I go home and have to do homework at night. You can probably see how I have little to no energy or time to create content for my blog! I actually started a list of blog post ideas that I've been slowly adding to (including a room/apartment tour!) so that I have ideas ready to go when I have time on my hands after graduation. 

As always thanks for y'alls continued support and following along with me! Feel free to follow me on Instagram at @katemcreynoldsblog, where I post more, and let me know any blog post requests you have! 

Jacket: Red Fleece | Sweater: Red Fleece | Jeans: Mott & Bow | Shoes: Sole Society (on sale!)

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