Best Purchases of 2017

2017 has honestly not been an eventful year for me in terms of fashion. I feel that style has evolved quite a bit over the year, but I didn't acquire a lot of new pieces. I think because my style was evolving, I didn't feel comfortable making purchases. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the garment in question down the road and found a lot of pieces that I liked that didn't fit very well with my current wardrobe. The fact that I was in Europe for four months of the year didn't help at all (they only have very cheap and very expensive clothing - no in-between!). Fortunately, I did find some extremely versatile, staple pieces that I felt comfortable purchasing and am excited to share them with you!

1. Black Over the Knee Boots

I made this post for 2016 as well and featured black OTK boots in it. However, this year, I purchased an even better pair! The first pair ended up stretching out too much and losing shape (they were only $60, though, so I didn't expect them to last a very long time). My new pair from Sole Society was about double the price, but has proven to hold up much better. The shaft is tighter, but more elastic, allowing the boot to mold to the shape of your leg. Anyway, I love OTK boots in general because they are so flattering and allow you to wear skirts/dresses without stockings in cold weather! I recommend getting them in black because it's the most versatile! I also find many fake suede OTK boots look cheap in any color but black, so be wary of that. My pair from Sole Society is the closest dupe I've found to the highly coveted, $800 pair of Stuart Weitzman OTK boots

2. Trench Coat 

For some reason, I've never really been into trench coats and I think its because the standard, tan trench coat doesn't catch my eye. When I found this pretty greyish-purple trench coat from Club Monaco, I immediately fell in love! I think the color is so unique and the sleeve ties add a special and feminine touch. I feel so professional and put together when wearing it and I sport it quite a bit because it goes well with so many outfits. Below, I linked two trench coats in a similar, mauve color!

Calvin Klein // Missguided

3. Black Leather Jacket

I love a classic black moto jacket because you can wear it out at night or use it to add some edge to a daytime look. I searched high and low for an affordable leather jacket that didn't also look cheap. I ended up finding this winner at Nordstrom for less than $100. I love it because it has a basic fit and simple details. Nordstrom still has the same jacket except with gold hardware, which I honestly wish I had instead of the silver hardware! Below are more black leather jackets.

Free People // Bar III // Urban Outfitters // BB Dakota

4. Black Crossbody 

This perfect black crossbody from Milly was actually a gift from a brand I'm working with (thanks, Pantene!), not a purchase. I've worn it so much since receiving it because of the perfect size and versatility! I love how the the style, while only $255, is reminiscent of many high-end designer styles (especially the Chloé bracelet bag).

5. Ray-Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses

This post was originally going to be called "Most Worn Pieces of 2017," but I purchased these Ray-Ban sunnies December 29th of this year and HAD to include them in this post (because of how much I love them) so I changed the title to reflect my favorite purchases of the year. While they only had a few days of wear in 2017, I already know they'll be one of my most worn pieces of 2018. I hate to be all hipster on y'all but I love these because I feel like they are unique and not as mainstream as most Ray-Bans (I hate myself). But seriously, it seems like every human in America owns the Ray-Ban rounds or aviators! I love those styles, too, but wanted something (a little) less mainstream. 

6. Denim Mini Skirt

This skirt has truly been one of my most worn items of the year as it can be worn in any season! It's easy and breezy to throw on in the warmer months, but can also be worn with OTK boots and/or black tights in the Fall and Winter. It's effortless to pair with just about any top because it looks good worn with an untucked, thick sweater or a tucked-in, lightweight top. Best part? The specific one I have/linked here is only $55! If you purchase, make sure to size up (maybe even twice).

7. Straw Crossbody Bag

Straw/wicker bags were one of the biggest trends of this summer! I definitely see them remaining popular next summer, but even if they aren't, I will continue to wear them because they fit my style so well. Unfortunately, the one I have is sold out and there aren't many available since it's the middle of winter. However, Etsy has tons of artisan shops that make wicker bags – I will link some below!

Etsy 1 // Etsy 2 // Etsy 3


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