Style Guide: Visiting NYC

Hi Friends! I thought I would put together a little post on what to wear when going on a trip to NYC since I get so many questions on Tumblr asking. What I would advise wearing as a tourist in the city is pretty different from what I would advise wearing as a resident so keep in mind that these are specifically recommendations for what to wear when walking around in NYC for miles all day in the brutal summer heat. I guess this post could also apply to NYC residents but my point is it's not geared towards demonstrating the typical chic, city street style. If y'all enjoy this post and request it, I can most definitely make a winter edition of this post. 

Below are four outfit ideas for inspiration and some general tips on dressing for the city. 
1. Romper: Misa | Sunhat: Hinge | Sandals: Steve Madden
2. Top: Madewell | Skirt: River Island | Sneakers: Stan Smiths
3. Dress: Forever 21 | Necklace: Design Darling | Espadrilles: Soludos
4. Top: Shoptiques | Shorts: J Brand | Sandals: Hinge

SHOES: Please don't purchase any of these specific shoes that I've linked thinking that they will be comfortable to walk around in for a long time. I don't own any of these shoes in particular (except the white sneakers and Steve Madden Sandals which actually are super comfortable to walk around in), I just own shoes in similar styles that are comfortable. The shoes in the photo collage mostly just serve as inspiration. To be on the safe side, I recommend wearing only sneakers or shoes that you already own that you know for a fact will be comfortable to walk around in for a long time. Save your cute shoes for when you're doing something in the city that you know won't require much walking! Other shoes that I think would be great for walking around are black Nike sneakers. I've seen a lot of tourists pair these with cute outfits and pull them off well! I've also heard of people wearing Birkenstocks to go site seeing so it seems like they would be comfortable to walk around in but don't hold me to that!

HEAT: Summer in NYC is HOT HOT HOT. All of the concrete traps heat, making the city even hotter. Wear flowy, loose items that aren't skin tight. This will help your body be able to breath and not get AS drenched in sweat. In my outfit collage, I tried to demonstrate outfits that covered as little of the body as possible. The less you wear, the cooler you will be! If you have one or are willing to get one, bringing a small hand-held fan is a good idea. Just a warning: the Subways are the absolute worst. They are underground and have no air conditioning system so they get deathly hot (especially when there are a million people crammed in like sardines and all the body heat is added). 

- Crossbody Bag: I think a crossbody bag (preferably a larger one that can hold a lot) is essential to have as a tourist. For one, it's nice to be able to have your hands free when walking around. Another reason is that it's the best way to protect yourself from being robbed or pickpocketed. There are thieves who will run up behind you, yank your bag out of your hands then run off. When you're wearing your bag across your body, it is essentially impossible to do this. And if this wasn't already obvious, never put your wallet, phone or anything valuable in your back pocket. 
 - Something to save you from the terrible odors: There is so much disgusting stuff in the streets of the city and when it's all baking in the hot sun, the stench is intensified even more. Sometimes it is literally unbearable and will make you gag. It is helpful to have something sweet-smelling on hand for when you come across the overwhelming smells. I don't personally do this (although I may when I come back to the city at the end of the summer) but a good solution is to carry around a small bottle of essential oils in your purse to dab on your wrists. You can purchase essential oils at your local grocery store. My favorite scents personally are peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender. 

Photo Creds: cover photo courtesy of Emily Byrski Photography

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