Brightening Up Dreary Days

Rain Jacket: c/o Charles River Apparel in "Aqua" | Top: Old | Shorts: Jcrew | Rainboots: Hunter | Umbrella: Kate Spade | Necklace: Kendra Scott

While many people find peace and calm on rainy days, I actually find them gross and depressing (I'm definitely a sunshine and warmth type of person). However, having a cute rain jacket and umbrella on these sad, dreary days helps me to feel a little bit better. This Charles River Apparel rain jacket is such a well made, classic one and comes in 12 colors! I personally love this bright, aqua color because it adds brightness and color to a dreary day. I also think the yellow one is a great option for a classic, New England vibe.

Thanks Emily for the photos!

1 comment

  1. Very cute rainy day outfit, I love the pop of color that the jacket gave to the monochromatic vibe.
    A question, how good is that umbrella? Like, NYC rain/wind kinda good? I've been looking for a cute umbrella but I'm afraid it's gonna break with the crazy wind that we have here...
    Andrea | Twentyish Brunette